The Adilah Chronicles: Short & Sweet

It was Zi Hui's birthday treat today so me & buddies went to town for cake, cinema & fun. We had dinner at Secret Recipie & encountered a sweet little girl; I just had to write up about her, perhaps later you will understand why :)

Part 1
We entered Secret Recipie. Zi Hui had manipulated me to buy 2 slices of cake for her (from me & Ash), then convinced atthan & Bro Xin to do the same. 4 slices of cake for this girl...Man what a scam! Haha...We had blueberry cheese, raspberry cheese (since atthan is "allergic" to egg; another article about that later),  chocolate indulgence & apple crumble cheese cake. 

Part 2
We sat down, ordered respective meals when we noticed the little girl from the family sitting at the adjacent table. She was adorable, with 2 of the top front teeth missing. She kept hanging around atthan & giggling when he looks away from her. Seriously adorable. She was bouncing around & laughing for no particular reason. She told us her name was Adilah (I'm not sure if the "h" at the end is correct), & she speaks with a slight Terengganu accent. Her mom says that she's 3 & we must scold her if she goes overboard...Like how can anyone look into such a sweet cherub face & scold her? NO ONE.

Scold this? NEVER!
Part 3 
When our dinner was finished, we were able to engage little Adilah in simple conversations. They are never on track; she's like a speedy bullet shooting questions...before we can fully answer one question, she's switching topics like a pro debater. I don't know if McCain can handle this fiery sweetie. A rundown on the conversations:

A future in film directing
Adilah: Amik gambar die orang. Amik mereka bersame.
(Atthan fumbles with the handphone camera to snap photos of us & she directs him to take photos of me & Zi Hui, Bro Yan & Jaray)

Linguist expert
Adilah: Kenapo kau cakap dengan saya dalam melayu? Mak cakap orang putih.
(Atthan was bemused)

Knows her celebrities
Adilah: Mawi botak la!
(For a moment, we all thought she said Mawi was bodoh haha)

A psychic...
Adilah: (says to atthan) Mak kau kat rumah kan?
(Not a question, this girl knows where his mom is!)

Knows a true banana haha
Adilah: Ape nama kakak tu? (referring to Rowie)
Atthan: Banana.
Adilah: Ape??
Atthan: Pisang, nama die Pisang.
Adilah: Pisang tu buah la!
(I was so touched haha)

Supports cordon bleu chicken
Adilah: (points at image of cordon bleu chicken on the wall) Ko ada makan ni?
Rowie: Tak.
Adialah: Kenape?
Rowie: Tak sedap.
Adilah: Sedap la! Kenape tak makan? (smacks the wall)
(I was terrified for a moment there) 

Perceptive little...
She demanded (& pouted, can you believe that?) that I come over & sit with atthan. Then she asked me to put my hand on the table, he'd put his on top. She sees more than we expected!

Sensitive skin...
When I placed my hand on the table, she placed hers on top of mine & made atthan put his on top of hers; she proceeded to squeal "tangan awak sejuk!" Everyone burst with laughter & she went on to giggle oh-so-cutely.

Diva attitude
Somehow she refused to take photos (malas laa...), even with atthan (malu laa...), she just bounces around, its hard to get decent shots!

Defending Cordon Bleu chicken

Caught her unawares hehe

Refusing to pose for the camera...

I was charmed...
  • It made me think we worry too much about things, sometimes we need to step back & take a look at the bigger picture & not to niggle at the details too much.
  • We should make simple things more direct than what they are. Simplifying them should be better for us, making things direct should be a convenience.
  • Honesty is a dying policy.
  • Missing 2 front teeth is an endearing trait haha...
I will certainly update this article with more conversation snippets & photos, this is one sweetheart I don't mind meeting at Secret Recipie anytime :) 


thi_gotcha87 said...

nice 1..
cnt stop laughing..
hahahha (c.. still laughing):)
n d banana part..
omg!! lolz :P
hey, wen am i gonna get a treat??
waitin.. waitin.. still waitin..
hehe :P

ash said...

i like how u conclude this...really true!