Fancy a Massage in Bangsar?

I'm a fan of massages, I like people rubbing the aches away. Good thing massage centres are common in Malaysia and I've surveyed a few places in Bangsar so here's the rundown:

1) Chow Yang Reflexology

This is probably the most popular massage centre in Bangsar. Their staff are local or from either Myanmar or Thailand. You need a high pain threshold to enjoy their foot massage; you might find it enjoyable if you prefer the strong kind of massage. I only tried their food and shoulder; unfortunately my neck ached more the next day and I never tried it again. 

2) Everhealth
This is a popular massage chain and the staff are China nationals, so communication is difficult. However the staff are polite, plus they have a variety of rooms (private and sharing). I got a young female masseuse during my 1st experience; she wasn't very strong and didn't get all the aches out. The 2nd time I tried the traditional body massage and the masseuse was STRONG! Check out their happy hour deals :)

3) SiFu
Very affordable and simple, the staff are from East Malaysia and they can communicate in English, so win! I've only tried foot massage here but I don't think I'll try body massage because I saw the massage chairs and I'm not a fan of that. Considering its strategic location in Telawi, there is no end to shuffling of tired feet in and happy feet out! 

4) Thai Odyssey
There *used to be 2 branches of this Thai massage chain in Bangsar: Jalan Telawi (opposite Restoran Nasi Kandar Pelita) and Bangsar Village II. I've been to both and I prefer the BV II outlet because its quieter but the services and the quality is the same for both. Their strong point is the traditional Thai massage; during the foot massage, they use a rod to press points on the feet and I prefer the human touch. It may be a bit pricey but the quality is guaranteed. 

5) Amante
I bought Groupon for 1.5 hr aromatherapy. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience: staff was friendly and attentive. The downside was they pushed other packages (buy 12 sessions for the price of 8, no expiry date, etc) and I hate turning people down. Unfortunately they do not provide foot massage! See their site, they have many outlets and I highly recommend the hot stone massage -- super relaxing and they often have promotional offers! 
6) Zouk Spa
*Update: shut down
Another massage chain outlet, this place is quite dark compared to the rest. The staff are from China and they do the job well enough. They have a lot of promo combos and I wouldn't mind re-visiting this no-frills establishment.

7) Holistic Esthetics
See my review here

8) Serenity Telawi

The Thai Odyssey branch located opposite Nasi Kandar Pelita has been replaced by Serenity, another Thai massage outlet. While the ambiance is not as polished as Thai Odyssey, the price of the treatments are far more attractive and the quality is just as good. The therapist communicated well with me to know the areas to focus on and boy did she work the kinks out! Check out their Facebook page for more info. 

*Update from previous

9) Little Thailand *
Next to Thai Serenity is newcomer Little Thailand. The therapists are friendly and skilled in prodding the tense muscles into a relaxed state. However this establishment only accepts cash and prior reservation is not really recommended by the front desk help. Happy Hour RM40 for Thai Traditional massage 1 hr is available 11am-3pm. 

Share your thoughts/experience; do suggest other places nearby for me to consider!

Extra Note:
Aura Wellness is apparently only for male customers but the receptionist refused to elaborate on their services and kept pressing the door opening switch to send me out. Screams dodgy to me. If anyone has been there, do let me know on their services.


Anonymous said...

I wont be surprised if that Wellness provide extra service other (happy ending) than just normal decent massage service. Heard guys talking about it but not sure if we are talking about same wellness centre. Most of its masseuse are from China.

Anonymous said...

From what i heard.. a particular centre only accept RM90 for service.. the additional service to be paid to China masseuse once negotiation (BJ or even penetration) is agreed. I really despise such unhealthy vice-like services!

Anonymous said...

Which is the particular centre are you talking about that offer extra services? Just curious. Is it in any of the above. Thank you

Anonymous said...

They have few branches which offer hanky panky massage services to man. I can't elaborate it here but you can google Aura TTDI and also Aura Hartamas. Guys even have special blog to share their experiences in those places. You may find it so disgusting! ! Key words : aura aroma theraphy hartamas / bangsar / ttdi .. all the same but different branches.

Sidratul Muntaha Choudhury said...

A massage chair is so comfy. I like vending massage chairs

natural pages said...

Wow, that just seems awesome, we were looking for massage in bangsar sorry to hear from others that it provides vice service we were looking for a nice beauty and wellness place while in kuala lumpur

Rowan said...

I wonder why the authorities are not busting these outlets, it's such a disgusting idea!

Raymond Ten said...

Aura Wellness is not a massage place but a prostitution place. I have been there. There are filipino ladies and ladies from China to provide sexual service to man for a fee.

Raymond Ten