Akiko Suwanai: Grace & Beauty

Akiko Suwanai is a very talented Japanese violinist. The youngest ever winner of the Tchaikovsky Violin competition (she won it at the age of 18), Akiko is one of the most prolific classical violinists today. She plays on the Stradivarius Dolphin, on loan by the Nippon Foundation.

Playing Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto No. 1:

Her skills are amazing, her grace eminent in her playing, plus she's a very lovely young woman. I always enjoy watching her performances; too bad I missed her performance with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) in KLCC in March this yr.

I hope to catch one of her performances in the future, she is truly a graceful embodiment of grace, beauty, talent & skill :) 

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adhi said...

she is beautifulllllll