AOD Redemption Project

Angel of Darkness (AOD) was the 6th game in the Tomb Raider franchise; it boasted new graphics & game engine at that time, had a brilliant storyline that was suppose to span a trilogy, a new playable character (Kurtis Trent); it was supposed to be the pinnacle of the TR franchise (at least to me)...But due to lack of time, the game was rushed & only AOD was released. Many fans complained of buggy versions, Eidos fired Core Design & TR/Lara Croft was heading towards limbo. 

Now with the revival of the series & a new game developer, I (as well as many other AOD fans) hope for a remake/continuation of the AOD story. It's deep & compelling, it will discover not only ancient civilizations, but an ancient race; it will test & question our beliefs; it will expose a darker & more complex Lara.

As part of our effort to make our voices heard, some of us AOD fans had launched the AOD Redemption Project, to redeem the trilogy & to create a wonderful part of TR history. 

Our goals:
  • To compile all material available on the web related to AOD
  • To launch these material on site for reference
  • To promote the wonder of AOD
  • To gain the attention of Eidos & Crystal Dynamics of our request
  • To get more signatures for the AOD Petition
This is a joint effort & we will try our best to keep it afloat, feel free to contact me for more information about the project/contributing to the project. Stay tuned for more updates! 

We finish what they started :)

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