Bags Under The Eyes: A Baggage?

So...Baby Sis always complains that she has bags under her eyes; I swear that this is the same line everytime I meet her: "I've bags under my eyes" & multiple variations of that sentence.

Overreacting, much? I think Baby Sis' bags, if there's any, isn't really visible & it's a sure sign that she needs to sleep more (you hear me?); but what is this baggage that's unsightly to many of us? 

How they came to be...
There are several reasons for the puffiness & dark circles beneath the eyes:
  • Genetics: don't you just hate that word? The dark circles are really (most of the time) blood vessels close to the skin surface. The thinner the skin/closer the vessels are to the skin/deeper the bone structure, the more prominent the bags will be. You can't hate Grams/Pops for this, but well, you can't love the bags, can you?
  • Lack of Facial Exercise: so now we've to exercise? Well the basic idea is that sometimes these bags are a result of sagging skin & misplacement of the fat *yes there is fat near the eyes* So if you don't keep the muscles toned, it'll be harder to hold the skin tight & smooth at that region, hence the bags.
  • Fatigue: lack of sleep will increase paleness of the skin, plus create poor fluid retention, producing more prominent bags.
  • Excessive salt intake, hormonal changes plus aging are also possible factors.

How to make them cease...
Well the good thing is some of these factors can be reduced, if not eliminated completely, take:
  • Facial exercise: rest your eyes appropriately. Here is a series of steps to help you accomplish that. Massaging your face also helps to promote healthy circulation of the blood & body fluids.
  • Adequate rest: ensure that you have at least 6 hrs of uninterrupted sleep; sleeping for 3 hrs & napping for another 3 hrs isn't the same thing. This calls for good sleeping habits & also knowing when to listen to your body.
  • Reduce the salt intake: having too much salt in your diet also can cause muscular cramps. We wouldn't want that now, do we? Drink loads of water too.
  • Aging & hereditary sources: we can't fight these two but we can try to live with them. Take steps to reduce the effect from other sources.
We can't always look glamorous 24-7, but we can try to live a healthy life. Being beautiful means feeling beautiful; practice healthy living & these bags will be a trend of the past :)

PS Baby Sis, you will always be beautiful to me, I've learned to be blind to the bags under your eyes ;)

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