Chemical Engineering...Hmmm

So a little bit more about myself haha :p

I'm currently in my 3rd yr studying chemical engineering at UMP, so what is it about really?
  • Learning about the chemical processes that produce the chemicals that we use in our everyday life.
  • Learning about the physical factors that influence these chemical processes.
  • Manipulating the variables (pressure, temperature, concentration etc) to optimize the process.
  • Optimizing the process: reduce cost, increase profit ($$)
  • Ensuring that there is minimal damage to the environment & people from our work. 
  • Sharing our knowledge with academia & the profession. 
The basic objective is to contribute to mankind via optimizing chemical processes that benefit us all. So after 3 yrs, I should know what I should be doing, right?


Not really.

I've a feeling that many of the things I'm studying are very theoretical; definitely not enough to prepare me for the real life out there, I'm kinda gearing up for industrial training; that's when we know if I'm made for this kind of job. 

I think this course can be pretty challenging at times (how the hell do you remember which calculation method to use for the same bloody question?) albeit interesting (IT IS INTERESTING, BELIEVE ME!); all in all I'm glad I chose this course & I really want to try my best to rock the profession!

*hides in a corner*

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