End of Holidays, Back to UMP!

Well all good things must come to an end, right? So tonight will be my last night at home, how unfortunate that I've to suffer a bout of rashes towards the end of my holidays at home...O joy! [/sarcasm]
Tomorrow I'll be back at UMP, looking at what's coming...
  • Chemical reaction engineering test 2: fabulous, I don't know what's coming out & I haven't studied.
  • Unit operations assignment: I didn't touch my book at all *grumbles: I shouldn't have brought it back*
  • Pesta Tanglung performance...I'm nervous & excited at the same time, I hope to record the full version in a proper studio.
  • Heaven knows what else.
...I'm obviously not looking forward to it...Well here's to hoping I'll make it through & PACE, PACE, PACE!

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