Exams & Studying

Well I've been a student for most of my life (probably will be so for a couple more yrs), & I know very well how student life is wrought with EXAMS. We need to have a good solid studying method to help us get through & achieve. I'm just gonna go through what exams & studying is for me, so let's have a look! :)

These assessments come in various forms: multiple-choice questions (MCQs), essay writing, lab reports, practical evaluations, oral assessments etc. These exams constitute an important part of student life as they reflect our understanding & comprehension of the subject that we learn, showing how well we know our stuff. We definitely strive to do our best but unfortunately...

The Dirty...
Some people resort to cheating & copying to get good marks. I do not support this kind of "activities"; I feel agitated & annoyed when I'm in the test & I can hear people whispering & giving answers to others. It's a shame to see this even at university...Like, c'mon, we're already young adults, is the rule "do not cheat" incredibly difficult to obey? It's terribly irritating. 

I know some people do it because they are desperate/driven to score marks. However, this is not the way to do it. Cheating your way through exams, or life, for that matter, isn't an example of good character. 

This list is basically what I do & what other people do to prepare for exams, I got these advice from various people, so here it is:
  • Have a schedule: I don't really have one, I've tried but I could never follow through. Many of my friends do & it's really helpful, it organizes the time & you can partition it to give the necessary focus for a certain subject. Plus you get to make time for other activities too!
  • Be healthy: make sure you eat enough, starving during the exam period is NOT an option. Take breaks to exercise (this is an advice I should use too hehe) & stretch your muscles. One needs to be fresh & strong for the big day!
  • Prioritize: sometimes we may have many things to do yet the exam date isn't budging. Decide the priorities: highlight what needs to be done first. Then it'll be easier to put them into schedule. 
  • Pay attention in class: I know sometimes we don't get awesome teachers/lecturers but paying attention helps you to keep track of what you've learned in the syllabus & will help you to plan your revision later. Plus you may get some hints you won't find in the books! 
  • Write notes: this is my study religion haha...I always write notes for every subject, it helps me to understand better & remember the concepts. It can be hard & tedious but I think it's worth it.
  • Relax: if you've been cooped up with that book for too long, you better stop & go on outside. Take a walk, go to the cinema, pig out or something. It's good to release some of the tension & gives you some time to re-charge. 

Everyone has their own method of studying & certain things may not fit well but remember the goal is to do well in the tests! However, don't beat yourself up if you do not get the results you hope for. Don't give up & keep trying! Plus life isn't all about exams: you need other skills to survive & succeed! :)


Albrecht said...

Ahhh.. I was actually wondering why a post like this wasn't in your blog,hahaha :p

thi_gotcha87 said...

yeah, finalz comin.. sigh!!
n wen ur all stressd up, hv an ice cream break!!
emm.. yummy ;)
works 4 me!! hehe :P

rowan said...

Oh make sure you get enough rest...We wouldn't want you snoring during the test! Hehe