Facing The Microwave Oven *shudder*

Well here's a confession: I've a phobia of microwave ovens. Like, seriously. I can't walk in the kitchen if it's in use, Baby Sis & Princess Sis sigh & shake their heads as I squeal & run from the kitchen while they calmly (how is it possible?) heat up food in that...thing. It's silly but I recall that a Futurama episode (can't recall which one) triggered this peculiar paranoia. 

So let's compare several tidbits about this thingy:

What's a microwave oven?
Wiki says: A kitchen appliance that cooks/heats food by dielectric heating via microwave radiation.
Rowie says: That square thing in the kitchen that generates sounds & can possibly cook human flesh.

Innocent useful appliance? Or health hazard?

Is it safe?
Wiki says: Pretty much; microwave ovens themselves aren't heated during the process, food & cooking ware used for heating aren't heated up that much, lower temperature reduces formation of carcinogenic substances (oi vey!)
Rowie says: No. We're talking about radiation here, what if something trips when the oven is open & you get cooked? Random explosions is a scary thought.

Evil spaghetti attack!!
Nobody wants this for dinner. 
Rowie needs to get a grip, I know but I'm hoping there's a man out there for me man enough to keep me safe from this evil machine. Any takers? Hehe.

But seriously, there are measures you microwave oven huggers should take to prevent your fall into the darkness (ie getting charred to death):
  • Take note of the cooking ware you use, not all cooking ware is safe for heating. Check all & any labels to be sure of this.
  • Do not use microwave heating as a shortcut way to boil water. Many people suffer burns when the boiling water "flashes" as they are removed from the appliance. The kettle is still a better choice.
  • Partially cover the food with a small dish or something. Do not completely cover it. This is Dad's advice, I will need to research about this later.
  • Do not use metal ware. What, are you insane?
I am trying (well, not really) to get used to it:
  • I try to maintain my walking speed as I walk through the kitchen while it's in use
  • I try not to shake when I put stuff in the microwave oven.
  • I try not to think about how stuff is possibly bubbling & threatening to explode while the whirring proceeds.
  • I try not to rush over & switch off the power supply when the machine beeps.
  • I try not to wrap my hands with excessive cloth when I take out the stuff.
An on-going process, sure, but I'm trying my bloody best. At the moment, I'm not enthusiastic about using this revolutionary appliance, but I'm surviving the heat. 

Heaven knows I don't need this to complicate my life any further. 


Anonymous said...

One of the funniest and most intriguing blogs I've read!

figolim85 said...

haha, try ur best to treat that "oven" as ur friend. it is a useful machine in our life.

Admles said...

I think I'm man enough babe ;)


rowan said...

Admles, you make me blush :p

Sharkie said...

You scared of microwave-oven? That's cute haha.