The Good Ol' Days...

Sigh. I'd a conversation with atthan just now, we spoke about the crazy things we did as kids (his was funnier haha), I'm sure most of you went through that period too...

Example of prehistoric antics:
  • Playing chef: I'd the full set of kitchen utensils (plastic haha), even a small sink (I'd to fill the basin with water & turn the valve to get the water out)
  • Rearranging the laundry to create a "makeshift" house: that ticked off our Indon maid at the time, I remember her scolding us for messing up the laundry she hung so neatly *innocent look*
  • Role-playing: me & the sisters would be actresses for days, pretending we were lions (like from the Lion King movie), witches, etc...
  • We'd take our dolls (we'd quite a collection, I don't know where they are now) & pretend they were a population working the fields etc.

It used to be so simple
The good ol' days...Now looking back, it had been a simple, quiet & great childhood for us. Being bogged down with assigments, the upcoming finals, activities & the like, it's good to take time to reminiscence about the past & realized how far we've come. 

Comparing my childhood to the current generation's, I feel like kids these days aren't kids. Many are greedy creatures determined to have the newest, latest, something-est toys/games to play with. They swear, they have PS3s, GBAs, even cellphones. I'd my 1st cellphone when I was 18! The trend is certainly different, you can't blame the kids, I see 2 main contributing factors:

The Game Boy...A regular child's accessory
  • Mummy & Daddy: usually both parents are working today & some feel guilty that their careers are depriving their kids of parental attention, hence they try to "make it up" to their kids by spoiling them. I've seen parents who are totally defenseless against their children's whims & I don't see how this is a good thing for either one.
  • The Media: probably sounds like a generic reason but it's true! The media knows how to get these products out on the market & they target the lil' imps, knowing that they hold the string to the purse (indirectly). If you get the kid to believe that the toy is freaking awesome & having it will boost their status (like why the hell are kids these days so worried about that anyhow?), you get to pull the money from that purse.

Mummy & Daddy can't resist that face...
Things have changed. There's a vast difference between yesterday & today's generation. Things were simpler back then, yet now the complications that are present in an adult's world seem to seep into the childhood era. Kids these days are more stressed compared to before: more suicide cases, depression, stress, intensified bullying, etc. Not to mention wackier fashion styles *shudder*

It's time for us to appreciate childhood as a growing & learning period, to enjoy the simple things in life. I hope that kids will not worry about too many things, we need happier kids & eventually, happier adults in the future. It's always good to take a step back to remember how things were & be happy with what we've got :)


[S]itie [B][U]m [B][U]m said...
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[S]itie [B][U]m [B][U]m said...

yeah..you're right!! But i'm sure everyone remember their first potty training.. mine's funny! But i'm not telling.. Haha!!

bebelulu said...

Oh mY god..I can totally relate with playing Lion King..U have no idea..I remember I had to be Mufasa and my lil sis would play Scar then we would wrestle with each other!
Sigh..those were the days..

jaray said...

i think all of us had the lion king scene... hahahah... esp d part whr the cub was raised to the sky and every roars... hahaha... hakuna matata~~~ hahahha