Home: A Poem

Well I wrote this when I was 19 *wow I feel so old haha*, a short simple poem, I hope to get back to writing again soon, this blog has certainly churned the old juices :)


Take me away, take me home.
To where the music is played,
Smooth and rich,
To where the songs sung
Strikes my heart with nonchalance,
Breaks my soul with their tragic words.

Take me to where the sky is blue,
Where the clouds chase each other,
A myriad of shapes and forms,
Where the grass is green and sweet,
Soft beneath my back, as I lie with you,
My dreams come freely as we sleep beneath the blue, blue sky.

Take me to where the river meets the earth,
Where the water laps its shores,
Where the water shimmers and flows,
Better yet, bring me to the sea,
Where the waves toss and turn
In an exhibit of pure power, how proud the sea is,
Battering the cliffs, carving stone,
My heart goes there, restless and wild.

Take me, love, beneath the night sky,
Where the stars softly twinkle, like jewels in the sky,
Where the moon glows like a pale globe in the darkness,
While we ponder and wonder away,
Wishing on falling stars,
We lie beneath the heavens, my heart bound to yours.

Take me away, take me home.
For where we go, love binds us,
Nourishes us, teaches us.
Take me home where we belong,
To where the music calls us,
To where life takes us,
To where our roots sunk deep.
My heart is yours, love,
Dance with me, love, sing with me,
Dance with me to the place called home.

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


Farani Mustafa said...

Bawaku berlari, mencari hangat sinar mentari, membelai jiwa beku yang selama ini mati, dihimpit derita dan dhorhaka...

Bawaku berlari, hingga kering titis air mata, biar darah menggantinya, asal hilang dia dari pandang...

Bawaku berlari, lari dan terus berlari... Hingga saja jasad ini mati...

(i dunno whats my motif by writing this shit, just caught in the moment i guess. Haha :D Anyway, this is a good start! Keep it up!)

bebelulu said...

Hey didnt u write this like ages ago...hehe..how does it feel to publish it finally?..
you know,people should get a chance to see your piece once in awhile..Heck maybe you can throw in some of your short stories here too!!..My personal fav was the 'Dorchadas'..its so dark,deep and mysterious..Love it!!

rowan said...

Can't believe you still have that...I guess I will :D