Kurtis Trent: The Man

I'm a proud KTEB-er (Kurtis Trent Estrogen Brigade), so who is Kurtis Trent, anyway? I'm happy to enlighten you :p

Kurtis Trent was the new male character introduced in the Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness game (read about AOD Redemption project here); the significance of his inclusion is that he is the first character made playable aside from Lara Croft.

A short biography about one of my favorite men (taken from the KTEB site):

Name: Kurtis Trent
Voice Actor: Eric Loren
Place of Birth: Utah Salt Flats, USA
Date of Birth: 26th June 1972
Nationality: American born. Holds French citizenship as a result of his time in the Foreign Legion
Profession: Freelance security and mercenary work
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Blue-grey
Distinguishing Feature: Scar, near his left eye
Blood type: Brh+
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Father: Konstantin Heissturm
Mother: Marie Cornel
Preferred Weapons: Fists, knife, staff and Chirugai (Kurtis also owns a self-designed Boran X gun).
Favourite transport: Classic Brough Superior SS 100, Porsche Spyder
Favourite music: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana, Vaughn Williams,
Sun Ra, Grateful Dead
Hobbies: Any extreme sports, building Grinnall Scorpions from
scratch and flying helicopters (Kurtis holds helicopter and aircraft pilot licences).

The man that enchants & compels us, with his mysterious past & passion for justice, with a perfect dash of rogueness to spice it all up. This video game character demands our respect woo hoo! So join the KTEB to know more about this character & be part of a fun, chocolate-loving & whip-wielding community!

Cheers to my Sanistas!


[XiAo He] said...

oh my...
joo an do gamings??
how interesting.. XD

Sharkie said...

I like your writing. Jo, in Kurtis' data, his blood type is Brh+, what's that? Never heard such blood category.

rowan said...

B blood type, Rhesus positive :)