Mo Chroi: My Violin

This feels like a written piece from a school kid but what the heck! I'm just gonna write this short bit about one of my treasured possessions: my violin :)

Brand: Eurostring
Purchased: Mar 2006
Price: RM290 (then)
Source: China, factory-made

1. I play it at performances, it makes sense that I'm very comfortable & familiar with the violin.
2. I had thought to name it but I've yet to be inspired.
3. I've replaced the E & G strings once, the other strings are still the same original ones.
4. Dad says it sounds like wailing kittens. Pfft.
5. It came with a blue case, I'm still using the same block of rosin.
6. I do not play with a shoulder rest, I do however use a blue cloth.
7. Same bow *snore*

Not a very flattering photo but there you have it!

It's got a nice sound, nothing spectacular, I'm planning to get a handmade German violin, costs between RM2K-3K (my heart!), it's been my love since I came to UMP; kept me from going crazy & I hope to play more tunes on it before I get a new violin! :p

PS. Mo Chroi is a Gaelic word, 100 points to the first person who can guess its meaning!


jaray said...

mo is obviously my... i guess...
chroi... heart? or soul? or love?

my heart mayb? my soul is a bit too heavy... my love sounds weird... hahaha...

rowan said...

100 points to Jaray! Nice guess, yes it means "my heart". Cheers! :D

[XiAo He] said...

i m late...
btw, we can search d meaning in net wat... its not tat hard to guess (i got use brain)....wakaka~