Motor Boat: So It Is Possible...

Today was a pretty good day; we finished making the mini motor-driven boat for our project! 

Subject: Electrical Technology
Project: Create a gadget/tool etc that uses an electrical circuit & is useful

Oh well. Thanks to the link here, I knew that if this boat didn't float (or move, for that matter), I'd wonder if I'm fit to be a chemical engineer. Even the Chinese uncle who sold the electrical materials said that this is a project for kids.


  1. styrofoam piece
  2. batteries + holder
  3. switch
  4. wires
  5. solder equipment
  6. little electric fan (to be sacrificed for the motor & rotating blades mwahaha)
  7. lots of tape & pins

Tools of the trade...One must be prepared
  1. Dissect the fan, remove the important organs & study their connections (ie which wire connected to which port bla bla bla)
  2. Measure the styrofoam to put the cute little motor on = platform
  3. Measure the base plate (or styrofoam piece, whatever), place the mini platform at the edge.
  4. Connect the wires to the switch & the battery holder (with the batteries).
  5. Test the prototype.
Our little boat rocked. It does look really hideous but it moves like a dream. Now we just need to make it look more...presentable & we're done! What a day, I felt like a giddy kid when the little chugger moved across the water so smoothly :p

The little chugger hehe
Definitely a fun experience!

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sitie bum bum said...

So i've wondered the other day..why do you need that pictures for? Ohoho!!! You want to post it in your blog..without our permission eyh? Haha!! Kidding..

But you guys.. This blogger really behaves like a giddy kid when the boat finally make it first cruise!! That is definitely..100%..postively..TRUE!!! No kidding!

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