Movie Review: Eagle Eye

The truth was, I planned to watch Painted Skin with 2 pals but the showtime was too late, I rather not risk being questioned by guards etc. So Eagle Eye it was, & it was FANTASTIC!! Blew my mind! Here's a crash review, I'm doing it while my memory's still fresh!

The Cast
Shia LaBeouf is yummy & he certainly shines in this film. Some witty humor here & there, but I think that we've a future Hollywood star in this guy. He knows how to make you feel for his character, he knows how to push the emotions onscreen...Simply brilliant. Michelle Monaghan has surpassed my expectations; she's not just a pretty face, this girl has some serious acting skills, although I'd say that her character hasn't been expanded much, she does make the best out of what she got. Billy Bob Thornton is amazing, I love the witty sarcasm & he was great, the transition of his character's stance was very smooth & well done. 

The Plot
Jerry Shaw is just a guy working at a copy centre, life's just pretty much usual for him until his twin brother, Ethan died. Things began to change when he received a phonecall, with the female voice on the other end relaying instructions without emotion. Jerry finds he has to comply with the female's orders in order to survive & escape the authorities. Rachel Holloway crosses paths with him as she struggles to compute with the same voice that threatened to kill her young son. Together, they have to fight their instinct to rebel & they find themselves in a complex web of terrorism, secret intelligence & technology woven to protect the US, yet knots appear & they must quickly find a way to unravel it.

The Music
Well as I just got back from the cinema, the best thing I can say is that the music is suspenseful, a lot of high tension; really befitting the pace of the movie. Subtle dimming & artful augmentation of high notes really lend their tones to the film. 

It begins pretty calmly, but there's the undertones of excitement right from the start. Then it's continuously building up to the final climax. People will probably tell you the climax is lacklustre, perhaps disappointing. I disagree. It was the perfect finish to an amazing film, you're left wondering WTF is going on & everything comes clear at the end, your mind will rush to compute the connections between all the events in the show. There is action, a certain amount of suspense, but it really questions if that cellphone you're holding is really JUST a cellphone. 

Dad would love it :)

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