Movie Review: The Notebook

I'm a romantic at heart & nothing gets to that hear better than a romantic story :D The Notebook is one of my favorite movies & I intend to read the book (written by Nicholas Sparks) soon. So what's the fuss about, anyhow?

The Cast
We have young & talented Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling heating up the screen with their almost flawless portrayal of the central characters; Joan Allen was perfect in her Southern lady charm & ruthlessness; you can't hate the ridiculously handsome James Marsden who plays the dream prince that many girls would wish for. The actors did well to project the emotions to change a simple story into a touching one.

The Plot
An elderly man tells the story of Allie & Noah to his female companion, soon the relevance of the tale to these two individuals become clear.

Allie & Noah are 2 young people who meet & fall in love during the summer; being young & carefree, they find themselves seeking each other for comfort & for strength. Allie's rich & classy parents forced an end to their summer romance, on the reason that Noah wasn't "good enough" for their daughter. They went their separate ways, only to meet again with Allie engaged to another man. Old passions are stirred & flare up, bringing the whole story full circle. Allie will have to choose between the man who would be the "perfect" husband & the man who stirs her soul & drives her crazy. 

The Music
Simple classics & old tune favorites create the perfect atmosphere for the film; you can imagine the warm heat of summer, the ups & lows of romance, the music that brings familiarity & serenity, & poignant music that lifts the scene. The selection of jazz music is reminiscence of old town blues & that homey feeling. 

This is a simple beautiful poignant tale about love, it's really that simple. Made me cry many times, it shows that we must never take things for granted & cherish our loved ones. Definitely a good show to watch for romantics. 

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