Movie Review: Stardust

Initially I didn't really want to see this film because I thought it'd be the typical fantasy stuff with pink butterflies & the like, but I was pleasantly surprised; let's see what I make of it ;)

The Cast
The cast is as colorful as the characters, with a mix of new & seasoned actors on board. We have Charlie Cox as the charming & delightful Tristan; this new actor pulled off his role very well. Claire Danes as the sweet & innocent star Yvaine; she injects fresh naivety & guile into her character...this isn't a weak female role. Michelle Pfeiffer makes a very pretty & evil witch, she seduces & amuses us with her plots to kill the star. Robert De Niro's performance as the badass pirate is wonderful & totally enjoyable; one can see that he's having fun as well. Sienna Miller's part as the shallow village chick was done very well; you can actually get annoyed with the character! The supporting cast did well to lend an air of charisma & originality to the movie :)

The Plot
Tristan is a young man who dreams for bigger things in his life, & is infatuated with the local beauty, Victoria. In his bid to woo her, he promised to find her a fallen star. When he came across one in the mythical land of Stormhold, he didn't expect to meet the beautiful Yvaine. However, he isn't the only one pursuing the fallen star; there are the 3 sister witches & the King's brood of ambitious sons who seek her to achieve their selfish needs. 

Their journey takes them to various places & they encounter diverse characters, from the spunky Captain Shakespeare & the sneaky trader Lamia, showing them the value of love & self-worth. 

The Music
Certainly one of the best soundtracks I've listened to, the original music by Ilan Eshkeri does well to complement the film & appropriately heightens the nuances of the show. My favorite tracks are Tristan, Snowdrop, & Coronation. Fantastic music to listen to.

With the right balance of humor, suspense, wonderful screen effects, a great plot & cast, 'Stardust' is really a great film & a unique one, at that. If you're into something different & fun, give this show a peek. Official movie site here :)

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