Nature's Chaos by Eliot Porter

Nature's Chaos is a book that combined Eliot Porter's photographs with the writings of James Gleick; the photographs were in full color, relating the theory of chaos with nature's random beauty. 

Eliot Porter was born in 1900 & had been an amateur photographer since childhood. He obtained degrees in chemical engineering (woot!) & medicine, & had worked as a biochemical researcher at the Harvard University. He had traveled to various locations around the globe to snap amazing photos of nature, such as the Galapagos Islands, China, Antartica, Iceland, Egypt & Mexico. He passed away in 1990 & bequeathed his collection to the Carter Musuem. 

I've browsed through Eliot Porter's collection at the Carter Museum site; his work is about nature, in color as well as in B&W. His photos capture the true beauty of nature; they needn't be lovely flowers, even a cluster of dried leaves can be lovely. Simple photographs that truly shows us what a wonderful & beautiful world we live in. 

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