The New Look!

Whew...After scouring the Net for suitable images, I've finally settled with one that makes me smile. After multiple edits in Paint, Microsoft Picture Manager, & Picasa (yes I'm noobish), I finally got the look I want...
Like the new look? I do hehe
The backdrop isn't the only change; I've also mixed & matched the fonts & colors so that it would blend well with the template yet is readable. That's not all:
  • I've re-organized my posts by adding appropriate tagging.
  • History section: I've always been allured by myths & historical events, I'll post related topics in this section.
  • Blog section: Articles related to my blog & blogging will go here.
  • Science section: The general Science issues & articles will be posted here, I'm gonna cover facts about this world related to biology, physics, astronomy etc.
  • Travel section: It'll contain articles about my trips to different locations, with photos & easy description hehe.
The Scribbler is firing up!
There are some ideas on the back-burner for now:
  • Food section: A few pending articles are queuing up for this debut!
  • Music section: I'm considering simple music theory tutorials for you readers hehe
  • Another new look? We'll see, I'm kinda liking the new one :p
  • Fun section: Light & funny stuff to set the mood

Hmm...think think think...
Definitely an exciting time for me & y'all ;) If you've any suggestions please let me know so that I can try to make this blog more interesting for you!


bebelulu said...

Hey rowie..
I like this new look.It's light & chirpy and Oh-so Adorable!

Rowan said...

I know, I smile everytime I see it! Hehe...

azwan bamadhaj said...