Nora Roberts: the Queen Bee of Romance

Undoubtedly one of my favorite authors to date, Nora Roberts has written so many books *this woman chugs out books annually like a factory* that one will expect 4-5 books from this woman A YEAR. She also goes under the name of JD Robb, with her "In Death" series set in the future ;)

She's a romance author but don't expect erotic smut to be the center of attention in her books...Oh no, this woman CREATES characters one can relate to; you can actually like/dislike her characters, they have such a persona that's (IMO) unlike the usual stereotype one would see in many, if not most, romance novels. 

There's drama, suspense, love (of course), humor & family values in her books, which I truly appreciate; she spins these stories with such flair & fun that you can't NOT like her :D 

I've read many of her books, trust me, you can't go wrong with a Nora Roberts book in your hand (add hot chocolate in the other :D)

Her website offers comprehensive information plus her booklist :)

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