The OG

Hm this is basically a summary of one of the most important accomplishments in my life: the OG, short for the Orchestra Group in UMP. It deserves some detail so I'll do my best :)

When I first came to UMP, I wasn't flowing with happiness; I was quite sad that I was away from home, being in a new environment, meeting strangers, worried that the course I selected wasn't a good one for me...All the usual yadda yadda. So I threw myself into music...I feel so grateful to Kak Syazanah who invited me to perform with the Orchestra Group for Malam Inspirasi Seni 2006 (I was horrible at the violin haha); I met great friends, I had a great experience & it awakened this sleeping passion in me for music.
Expoconvo...Bringing together the old & the new

When the new yr came & I took over the helm, I saw that this is something I WANTED to do, this is something I WANTED to improve; so with the help of great friends, we made the OG grow; I can attribute part of its development to the increase in student intake (cheers!), also our dedication to make this work; knowing how the conservatists are about music, we had to face many challenges but thank goodness, we made it. The experience is...amazing; the rehearsals, organizing classes (the joy of teaching is boundless), plus the administrative stuff; a great learning experience!

There's a lot of work to do, but I believe we have the people & the fire to get them done. I made many great friends here, we are not just a group but a family, we get exposure that we probably couldn't get anywhere else...I'm proud of what we've done & we will definitely be gearing the OG up for better things in the future!

There, I'm done :)


baby said...

u hav done a good job .. we appreciate ur work .. gambate ~

[XiAo He] said...

OG rocks!!!
i love OG!!
ba ba ba~