Sari Sisters Whoop!

Yesterday, the Jawatankuasa Kebudayaan India (JKI/Indian Culture Council) organized Malam Pesta Cahaya (MPC/Festival of Lights Night) in UMP. As requested by atthan, I was to get a sari & a pottu for that night. Pet sis joined in & both of us searched for saris, which wasn't easy because the blouse needs to fit! Thanks to Thilaga (you rock, babe), we both got saris & Chi Chi helped us put it on! 

The sari consists of 3 parts: 1 blouse, 1 petticoat/skirt, & the long sari. Wearing is it elaborate work, Chi Chi was super efficient & cool when she went about her mighty task! So we put on the blouse & the skirt, Chi Chi tucked in the sari on the skirt in front, went around, folded pleats, pinned it here & there, tossed it over my shoulder & around my hips. That's pretty much my observation about it haha!

The jewelry hehe
The jewelry was on loan from Chi Chi Inc., it was a set of earrings, necklace/choker, & nethi chudi (a forehead accessory). Chi Chi Inc. did hairstyling for us too, it was quick & very effective, I felt Indianized & good! Hehe...

Chi Chi Inc's product(s)
So the event was a blast:
  • The percussion performance by professionals was very cool, listening to the rise & fall of tones & rhythm by so many instruments that I've never seen before.
  • Performances by UMP students rocked: we had classical dance (so fluid & graceful!), modern dance (rocking the house!), singing (UMP Idol could see many talented contestants!), traditional dancing (it was cool watching my classmates in this one!), rapping (Shama macha..) & many more! 
  • The decoration was amazing, the archways made from bamboo & coconut leaves; pillars glowing with lights from within; subtle lighting, stage effects; they complemented each other! I especially love the kolam! :)

Beautiful Kolams...intricate & detailed
The stage
Details on the stage
A great night, the Sari Sisters debut was well-received: many people thought we were performing, but we just dressed up for the fun of it! It was an amazing night, a lot of effort was poured into the event & it paid off! Definitely looking forward to next yr's MPC!


Anonymous said...

haha.funny the banana tot she was indianized.i got to admit tho the sari sisters look very pretty in sari!nice debut~

p/s:how come i've seen u in sari but not yet in cheogsam?

rowan said...

Coz I haven't lost enough weight to look good in a cheongsam! Haha thanks daoz!

pearljeetkaur.mann said...

hey dear..u were really stunning las nite gurl.. im sure al d ump guys fall 4 u yesterday (chuckle)...

rowan said...

Nah I think I was chubby! Hahaha :p Thanks Pearl-hot-bod!

bebelulu said...

And I was Sandwiched between these TWO pretty sisters!!hehe..Jo ann was so stiff the whole night sitting straight like she has a cast on her neck..Robotic,almost.hehe
And Chin Hui kept fidgeting to rearrange her Sari!!..
Kudos to both for surviving the Sari AND managed to look amazing and Hot throughout the nite..

Hehe,to Pearl..I still have a mental-image of u shaking that booty on stage!,Nice Show!
MPC Rocks!..Felt like I never LEFT DHAKA..

pearljeetkaur.mann said...

jo ann- u rely need xtra power in ur specs dear... "HOT" kwa kwa kwa... no way...

lulu- u n ur mental image!!! *doink...

watever izit thx gurlz..hehe