Sedna: The Inuit Sea Goddess

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Who is Sedna?
  • Inuit sea goddess of life & death.
  • Her name was bestowed on a newly discovered planet found in the farthest corner of our solar system.
  • Rowie was fascinated with the legend when she knew Sedna wasn't the usual Greek/Roman goddess (usually chosen to name planets etc)

The fish, whales, seals & walruses sprung from her dismembered fingers
The Legend...
  • Sedna was a beautiful impulsive young girl, many men wooed her but she refused them to her father's dismay.
  • One day a man came & promised Sedna a life of comfort; she willingly married him & he took her away to his island.
  • He revealed that he wasn't a human but a bird. Sedna was trapped & tried to accept her new life. He wasn't able to provide her the food & shelter she desired; she grew tired of her life.
  • Her father came to visit & learned the truth; he killed Sedna's husband & together they left on a boat back home. 
  • The birdman's friends came & conjured a huge storm from the flapping of their wings. Frightened for his life, Sedna's father threw her overboard to keep the boat from sinking. 
  • Sedna fought to climb back but her father cut off her fingers, then her bloody hands when she tried to hold on with her mutilated hands. 
  • She sank back into the sea, sea animals (seals, fish, walruses, whales) sprung from her appendages as she entered Adlivum (the Inuit Underworld), where she now rules.
  • Sedna controls all sea life & the Inuits must appease her so that she will allow her animals to be available for the humans. 
  • If Sedna is unhappy, their shaman transforms into a fish & endures a treacherous path to reach Sedna. He must comb her hair & massage her aching limbs; when she is comforted, she will send the animals to be hunted so that the humans will not starve.
The storm that brought the goddess to life

Hidden Meanings
  • The legend of Sedna tells us that we must dive deep into the dark, cold places we fear the most to seek the riches & pleasures there.
  • We are all worthy of love & respect despite our flaws & shortcomings.

We must dive deep & face our fears to find great treasure

I've always thought this legend could be an interesting central plot to a future TR story, but it's fascinating enough on its own. With its stark darkness, its a legend we could be smitten with.


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Intereting, I like this kind of legend.
Btw, I'm still amused with the norse myth.