Seeking Hutan Lipur Waterfall

It was a pretty good morning; a public holiday, nice cool weather, boredom (despite having loads of work to do haha)...Me & Kai decided to refresh at the Hutan Lipur Waterfall. Neither of us had been there before, nor did we plan it; we headed out there right after lunch. It was FAR; the drive was about15-20 min, we had to stop for directions. When we found it, the road was long & bumpy, very narrow path. We found the parking area & the start of the climb up :p

The pathway was in stone for half of the journey, then we'd to go through the jungle by the side of the river. Occasionally we stopped to take photos, many beautiful pieces of nature enticing our senses. I was relieved that we weren't plagued by insects/leeches etc. It was difficult to maneuver through the huge rocks, slippery sand & the thick jungle foliage in our slippers but we made it hehe!

We didn't go all the way because we worry the slippers couldn't handle it, plus it started to drizzle & I had to bring back Ash's lunch, so we stopped halfway (?) to enjoy the cool air & the refreshing water...Really amazing, a simple hike up but it was rewarding & very refreshing. The journey back down was faster, probably because we knew the route & it felt wonderful to have some exercise hehe, I felt slimmer when we reached the car woo hoo!

Definitely planning to make this a regular event, probably a weekly thing hehe if I can get a tracksuit & proper hiking shoes, we'll try to go up higher the next time & get our friends to join us! It's certainly a good idea to plan a hiking trip for the OG to Taman Negara (the National Park) hehe :p

Points to remember:
1. Make sure the car is ready hehe the road is worse than KK2
2. Wear proper attire, bring an extra T-shirt if u want to go wading the pool.
3. Empty your tank, the public toilet isn't...sanitary hehe.
4. Make sure you're up to it, no fainting!
5. Get hiking shoes.

*Thanks to Kai for trying to cheer me up, this certainly worked!


david said...

I wan to go.....
wuuuuuuuu......~~~~ T.T

aMMerZ said...

hey, when did u go?? still got time to waste...hehe

rowan said...

I went today (Friday), had things on my mind & this was a good way to relax :)

Anonymous said...

tmn ngara?OG?hiking?wow!splendid idea.make it works!

Ellis said...

You must have very comfortable hiking shoes to walk over such crisscross way.