So Far...

Well I started this blog mainly out of curiosity...Who knew it would be so addictive & fun? I find that posting my ideas somehow relieves the stress in my brain (pesky ideas keep pushing against my cranium) & I enjoy the whole process of putting my thoughts to words.

A good thing? Certainly looks like it.

Well then, what's next?
  • Food section: it's definitely been something I wanted to do when I started this blog but without a good camera, I'm reduced to taking photos from other people! It'll be coming soon; don't expect in-depth details, many of my braincells don't work while I'm pigging out!
  • Better articles: I'll definitely try to write the articles by myself & reduce quoting other sources; time to stuff originality into something this personal! :) I'd also like to improve my writing skills, being an author was something I fiddled with previously but this will really make it a real deal.
  • Studies section: perhaps I should rename it as Academic? Perhaps. I will like to put up articles about what I'm studying ATM, like topics that I find really interesting & useful to publish. If there's a particular topic you'd like me to publish, do let me know & I'll try my best!
  • Art section: I'm planning to add articles about art, generally discussing paintings, manga perhaps, & the history of art with a special friend to offer some insight! Definitely something worth looking into!
  • Better layout: so far this template is looking pretty good, but I would like to tweak it up a notch, that'll be done in the near future.
  • Networking: I certainly hope to meet more people via my blogs, it would be a pleasure to share my ideas & opinions out there!
It's been a pretty good start, I'm proud of it really :) So do comment & feel free to give me advice on how I can make this a better blog! Cheers!

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