Special Review: D. Bakhuizen

This is a special review of the Dutch artist, Mr. Dick Bakhuizen. It's special because he's the grandfather to my friend (who happens to be an artist himself, perhaps I will do a special review on him too!), & I think it would be nice to do a fresh review with a personal attachment.

Mr. Bakhuizen was the son of a biologist. As time passed, his work became less surrealistic & more abstract. He had painted portraits of prominent figures like the Rolling Stones. Much of his work is inspired by Boris Valejo, a fellow artist originally from Peru.  

Now there's an idea for a future article, hehe.
Looking at his paintings, I feel like I'm drifting away, the colors seem to shimmer & flow together like a river. A very unique touch, that. Apparently the style at work here is biomorphologic (originally in Dutch: biomorphologisch). Biomorphism is an art style where shapes are distorted/changed to invoke abstract impressions. A simple example is to distort the human body so that it looks like Frankenstein but through this process, the final piece brings out expressions. This is the best I could gather, not much info online about this style :p 

His website is in Dutch, but you can view his gorgeous work there :) I will add more information when they are translated! Hehe...

I would like to thank Elmer for helping me to write this review, I couldn't have done it without your help! I'll do a review on you one day!

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