UMP Pesta Tanglung Theme Song

On this coming weekend (10th & 11th Oct), the Chinese Culture Council (more popularly konwn as JKC) will organize the first ever Lantern Festival (PT) at UMP. This will be a historical event as it aims to promote cultural exchange not only among UMP-ians but also with the general public. There will be performances, competitions, an exhibition plus many other activities!

The Orquesta will perform the PT Theme Song this Saturday (11th Oct) at the Culture Night. The song was written by yours truly & Jaray, the lyrics penned by David, Jaray & myself. The song aims to invoke sentimental feelings, to remind us about the hardships we've endured & the final culmination of our joint efforts. The lyrics are in English & Mandarin, I will post them here ASAP. I'm not even sure what the title of the song is haha :p

The mp3 of the song is in the works, previous recording aren't that nice to post here but feel free to email me if you're interested. The score is complete but not yet produced for circulation/download. So far the song has received positive response & it's definitely one of the best things I've ever done.

Feel free to browse through the PT website here.


jaray said...

well said!

me too... can't believe we can be composers and lyricist... hahaha

ash said...

more to go guys~
more to learn though ;p

rowan said...

Yeah I think we all learned a lot from this PT experience...Not just mingling with people but working hard to get things done :)