What Does Being A Malaysian Mean?

I'd an interesting discussion yesterday about what does being a Malaysian mean to me. It hit really close to home, made me confused about what I want for Malaysia & for myself. So here's a list (in no particular order) about what being a Malaysian means to me:

1. Born in Malaysia & you have an IC. 
2. Speak Manglish: you need to have "la" & "aiyo" in your vocabulary. "Campur"-ing is a must.
3. Speak Malay: it's our national language, you must be fluent in it. You didn't learn it for 11 yrs for nothing. 
4. Malaysian food include: nasi lemak, ABC, dodol, kuih lapisteh tarik, roti canai, sambal, rojak, & char kuay teow.

A Malaysian favorite...teh tarik!
5. You know that an event/occasion always starts 30 min after the time stated in the schedule.
6. We pay our taxes ON the dot (meaning at the VERY LAST MINUTE)
7. We believe in "Malaysia Boleh" for everyting: climbing Mt Everest, paying the bills, watching badminton, making the longest noodles etc. 
8. You know what is a Kancil (not the animal)

The Kancil: our  national car...or one of them.
9. You probably deserve a Datukship but somehow other people get that cake.
10. Water is free. Wait, is it?
11. The guy selling teh tarik is your "boss".
12. You know the origin of the national anthem.
13. You know the national flower.
14. You want the best for the nation; she is our country, after all.
15. You sometimes laugh at the silly antics by fellow Malaysians & the government but all in all, it's a pretty good deal.

Probably missing out on several items there, but it's good for now. I'd be lying if I said that I'm deliriously happy with the current situation: I'm not. Times like this makes us question our nationality & see how far we've come as a nation. But I'd say I'm trying to be a good Malaysian & I've been dealt some pretty good cards so far :)

Malaysia Boleh!


bebelulu said...

err why is dodol on the list?hehe..it should be rendang shouldn't it?la la la ..(skipping away innocently)

rowan said...

Oh yeah...How could I forget rendang? Let's see what other stuff I missed hehe

jaray said...

yea... i tot dodol was a bit off... hahaha...

we know green is go, yellow is go faster, red is GO! GO! GO!!! hahaha... and honk the slow car in front all the time... "p

thi_gotcha07 said...

rendang?? i ges d raya spirit is still on ei?? hehe :)
n dun forget, alwayz dump rubbish at d place wth d largest sign saying "NO LITTERING"
letz c if diz reverse psycology thingy works!! hehe :P

rowan said...

So true Thi...How unfortunate sigh :p

Anonymous said...

and...always 'on time' for meetings, classes etc... =P

thi_gotcha87 said...

hey, look whose talking bout punctuality?? :P
mechy timing i guess.. lolz :)

p.s: sry 4d missin "h"!! jes realized it.. haha :)