Bkt Lembing Hike: Part 1

Too many images to fit into 1 article, so I'll put it in parts

We hiked up Bkt Lembing yesterday (1st Nov) to relieve pre-exam tension & to spend time with buddies!

The gang: Rowie, Kai, Kelvin, Too, Ash, Al, Firdaus, David, Chi Hui (basically OG members)

Departing from UMP
We left at 5am; the guards had placed barriers at the exit & were plummoxed as to why the 9 of us wanted to hike up Bkt Lembing at such an hour hehe...The drive there took nearly 40 min instead of the predicted 15 min hehe...The route was pretty easy but one has to be careful not to drive too quickly as there are some fairly tricky curves. We arrived at a sleepy village, & parked our vehicles at the bottom of the hill. 

On the way up
We reached the bottom of the hill at approx. 5.45am & began the hike up. It was pitch dark & no one thought to bring a torchlight, so we made do with lights from our handphones haha :p Then the sun came up so our plans to watch the sunrise at the top were dashed. Rushing up wasn't an option; it was pretty steep & I clearly have no stamina

Beautiful scenery
Pre dawn

You can see the sleepy village below

Nice shot of David!


Reaching the top


Anonymous said...

Ohh my god...is beautiful. You went with your Uni-mates izzit?

Rowan said...

Yup orchestra mates, to be exact hehe...Next trip: to find the waterfall! Heheh

figolim said...

it is worth to "climb" this bkt lembing, the scene so beautiful!! next trip for waterfall pulak!!rainbow waterfall right?? yaya, there got 1 very beautiful (i m not sure,people said so...)called rainbow waterfall, but needs a few hours trip to get there (according to local people), and ofcos needs a 4x4 car to get in there. dun worry, got people provided the trip service there( and again, according to local people).

Rowan said...

Wahh serious? Means we have to plan the next trip properly! Heheh!

Anonymous said...

Seriouly nice la jo ann... huh~
Regret for didn't join u guys...

Rowan said...

Definitely ought to do this more often! Hehehe

Albrecht said...

Hm... I do look like a caveboy when I'm not shaving :D
2 things about Lembing...
1) It nearly took out my lungs and legs... (we should do warm-up sessions next time) (-_-")..
2) Nice to see nature's call once in awhile '(^^,)"