Bkt Lembing Hike: Part 4

Continued from here...

We decided to check out the sleepy village of Sg. Lembing. Right off we could tell that the majority of the population here is Chinese. 

That bun certainly wasn't enough for the lot of us...

We walked into the village & there was a pretty huge food court. We were naturally starving after the hike & we were here to consume the village namesake: Sg. Lembing mee. The noodle originated from this very village. Clean mountain water is one of the substances used & the noodle is chemical-free. The food was really cheap: the yong tau foo had generous fish paste serving & the soup was delicious. My bowl of noodles with 2 bitter gourd, 2 brinjal & fried wan tan amounted to RM4.20. The wan tan was huge; about 5 cm across. Curry was also available & the scent was all-too tempting. The drinks were cheap too: we paid only RM1 per drink.

Tucking in!
Having fun with Firdaus' bike

Make sure you're prepared before going:
  • Bring enough water
  • Bring money for food hehe
  • Wear proper shoes & long-sleeved shirt to prevent bee sting (-.-")
  • Come with a sense of adventure
  • Bring a torchlight for the wee hours of the morning
  • Improve your stamina for the hike hehe

In the end...
  • We left with a feeling of accomplishment; it isn't every we hike a hill hehe.
  • Our friendship was given a huge shot of enjoyment & we definitely bonded closer.
  • We can't help but appreciate the beauty of nature in its various shapes & colors.
  • We also felt touched by the simplicity of village life.
  • Sg. Lembing mee rocks! 
  • The fresh mountain air & the hike made us feel healthy hehe
  • The simple things in life deserve to be preserved & protected.

Ciao folks! 'Til next time!
  • Photos & Videos: David, Too, Kelvin
  • My hiking shoes: Chi Chi
  • Inspiration: Daoz


Anonymous said...

credits 4 me a?im such an inspiration huh..hahaha..dun just get inspired by,do bring me along next time.lol.. (wink~)

jaray said...

nvr invite me... *sad*

Rowan said...

Next time lo, Jaray :)