Colors & You

In the course of getting to know someone, one question that ALWAYS pops up is "what's your favorite color?"...We see colors everywhere & I'm sure y'all know that colors can invoke emotions & expressions in everyone. I went on to find out what is it about certain colors that make us tick & to bring some extra information for your reading pleasure :)

What Is Color?
Color comes from light; each color has its own specific wavelength & frequency. Actually the human eye can only detect 3 main colors: green, blue & red. The other colors are the result of mixing these 3 main colors in our mind *creepy humans*

Color & Personality
Your favorite color can give a few hints about yourself:
  • Green: A great listener - someone who's never too busy to help a friend - able to put him/herself into another person's shoes - you may appear innocent at times but your natural curiosity & understanding of people makes you more streetwise than you seem.
  • Black: Fiercely loyal - committed to all your relationships - extremely disciplined about achieving your goals - tend to be emotional & make decisions based on feelings rather than logic.
  • White/cream: Willing to experience new things & seek out the unexplored - tend to attract people from various backgrounds & this may create tight spots - you will need to control your desires & set realistic goals to achieve.
  • Red: You never do things half-assed - direct & practical with a clear idea of what you want - you let people know exactly where you stand - you establish firm boundaries - you have no problems saying "no" - you can be impatient with other people's inefficiencies.
  • Yellow: Optimistic - accepts people for who they are - strive to make people happy - you rarely expect anything in return so its hard for people to do nice things for you.
  • Pink: You've a genuine concern for others - always considerate - yet you need to be appreciated to advance in life.
  • Gold/bronze: Ambitious, you have high hopes & expectations - enjoy life to the fullest - yet you may take on too many things at a time, creating conflicting schedules & stress.
  • Blue: Optimistic & dreamy - overlook minor bumps, give other people the benefit of the doubt & see the sunny side of life - create a positive, upbeat presence that encourage others to move forward - naive in love, takes a while for you to see the flaws of your beloved.
  • Violet: You have good judgement - you seek spiritual fulfillment - you have a soft spot for mysticism, imagination & mystery - inspired & imaginative - yet still calm & balanced.
  • Brown: Conventional & orderly - you are dependable & grounded - carries an aura of wholesomeness - the negative perception is you may be a repressed/lazy person.

Color Therapy
These days, color therapy is becoming an increasingly popular holistic treatment. Color is the energy used to encourage healthy & natural healing of various ailments, may it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Color preferences is important to determine the correct treatment.

2 main reasons for color preferences are:
  • life experiences: a good experience may cause us to like a certain color; likewise, a negative experience may cause us to dislike a particular color.
  • aversion to a certain color may indicate an imbalance in a particular part of the body.
Color energy isn't just absorbed by the eyes but also by skin and/or our aura. Several methods used include placing colored silks on the body, directing colored light on the body, solarized water, mediation with color & color breathing.

There are many colors out there with various interpretations, Rowie is just giving you a brief overview since she's bored & could use a dose of color power!

Her favorite color is blue, what's yours?


espree said...

Mine is purple or lilac..But its listed...huhu

espree said...

not listed i mean.haha.
Must've been yawning.*lol*

Rowan said...

Oh you're right...I'll edit it now hehe...

espree said...

Hey,you know these are actually pretty accurate coz I know a certain someone who is religiously crazy about the color RED..yes everything,i mean everything HAS to be RED.
And your description best fits her!