The Horoscope

I admit that while I'm not an avid believer in horoscopes, I do check out my horoscope in the daily paper once in a while. Usually I'd forget about the predictions the minute I turn the page hehe...I know there are many people out there who truly put store in their horoscopes. So what is the horoscope? 

  • Originated from the Greek word horoskopos meaning the "marking of the hour" 
  • It is a chart/diagram showing the position of the Sun, Moon, the planets, the astrological aspects, & sensitive angles of a certain event, eg. time of birth.
  • It helps to identify the periods containing important & concrete cosmic correspondences in an individual's existence - predicts a determined Astral situation.

How to draw the astrological chart?
  • Draw a circle & divide it into 12 parts/30 degrees: each part represents an Astrological House & correspond to the 12 Zodiac signs.
  • 1st House: personality; 2nd House: financial well-being; 3rd House: daily life; 4th House: family; 5th House: emotions; 6th House: work & health; 7th House: unions; 8th House: secret qualities; 9th House: long trips; 10th House: successes in life; 11th House: friendships; 12th House: life sacrifices.
The Zodiac
  • Denotes an annual cycle of 12 stations along the ecliptic (the apparent path of the sun across the heavens through constellations that divide the ecliptic into 12 equal zones of celestial longitude.
  • It is the first known celestial coordinate system: the Babylonians developed the zodiac of 12 signs.
  • Derived from the Greek word zodiacus meaning "circle of animals".
  • There are 12 zodiac signs, each with its own characteristic features.

There are various kinds of zodiac signs & more to learn about the horoscope. Check out the Net if you're seriously looking to delve deep into this field. This is just a brief overview, I do agree with the characteristics mentioned for Virgoans hehe :)


xiao he said...

hehe~~ Sagittarius is here~~

Rowan said...

Hahaha I'm a Virgoan, I find the description pretty accurate!

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