How To Eat...

...pasta? I had a random thought...what is the correct way to eat pasta? Me love pasta, especially spaghetti bolognese & carbonara...Yum...So I searched online & found these:

1. Never eat pasta with a spoon, it's considered bad manners in Europe. Use a fork ONLY.
2. Never cut it up. It's already in the right length (10 inches long) so deal with it.
3. How to pick up the bloody spaghetti then? Well...
  • Push the spaghetti towards 1 side of the plate. Use the fork & push a few strands of spaghetti to the other side of the plate.
  • Twirl the fork vertically to get a nice bundle of spaghetti wrapped around the prongs of the fork.
  • You may opt to twirl the spaghetti against the concave surface of the spoon.

4. Absolutely no slurping/splattering is allowed. Respect the noodle.
5. Chew your spaghetti when it's in that cavern of a mouth. People do choke from spaghetti.
6. Don't swallow the fork.

Now that I know & you know how to eat pasta the right way, let's not embarrass ourselves, shall we? :D


espree said…
Fair Enough then.
I shall Respect the Noodle~
aMMerZ said…
~next time, i try not to "swallow" the fork.If possible,let my fingers did the job!hehe~That's really GOOD manner..hehehe :p
Albrecht said…
hahaha I like The noodle-martian picture :D
ღ~n0n0i~ღ said…
huhu.I used to eat with spoon..
haishh..must change,then!

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