How To Treat: Bee Sting

Yesterday on the trek down from Bkt. Lembing, I felt a prick on my left upper arm; since David was stung by a bee when we were at the top of the hill, I felt a dreadful panic & quickly sought out the culprit. Yep it was a bee, I yanked it out & tossed it aside (I will worry about feeling bad later), & yelled for my buddies to help me. Yep it was a bee sting, they carefully removed the sting. I walked down the hill with pain radiating in my arm for a good 10-15 min, then it simply felt warm. 

Tiny prick but with a strong effect...
The rest of the day was fine but I'm guessing with fatigue, the area began to swell & I'd get occasional bursts of pain. So we rushed to the doc & apparently I'm fine, it was my first time (being stung) so my reaction would be more climatical than people who'd been stung before. Now it's just a red itchy spot on my arm & I'm not taking anti-allergy medication, except for the anti-itch pills, & I apply soothing cream on the spot. 


I guess it was natural for me to worry that I won't wake up if I fell asleep (chuckle) because I know that bee stings can be fatal in some people. It really depends on whether you're allergic to the venom. Here are the steps to treat a bee sting:
  1. Remove the sting IMMEDIATELY. The longer it remains in the skin, more venom will be injected into your body. You may use your own fingers to remove it; it's not a matter of how you remove it, rather it's about how quickly you remove it: a delay of several sec will lead to more venom entering your body.
  2. Reduce the swelling/bruising/pain with a cold compress. 
  3. If you know you're allergic to bee stings, be treated for anaphylactic shock. Carry self-injectable Epipen (epinphrine) for this purpose.
The most important thing is DON'T PANIC. When you panic, your heart rate increases & this will only serve to circulate the venom faster around your body. Do not scratch the itching; it'll only aggravate the situation. 

I guess I was lucky I wasn't stung at crucial areas (mouth, eyes, nose etc); plus my buddies worked quickly to take out the sting (thanks!)...At the moment the affected area feels itchy, my arm aches if I lift it for long; at least the swelling has decreased. Definitely an experience I could live without...I'd been wondering if I'll ever be stung by a bee :p

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