More On The Way...

I apologize if my articles seem pretty random lately...I haven't had the time to really research & write out good stuff for your reading pleasure (damn you, finals!). I've managed to put in some short articles though; we'll have to be satisfied with that in the time being!

I've reorganize the labels on my articles, let's have a looksee:
  • Food: It's finally up, look for for more food-related articles
  • Scribbles: Personal matters that I feel like ranting/sharing...
  • Travel: A trip to Mt Kinabalu is in the works, peeps!
  • Academic: Finals certainly pushed me to be more active in this section haha...
I've been considering a chatbox section here but doesn't hold much appeal to me...We'll see about that!

Random moment...
I encourage y'all to check out the blogs that I've linked to; adds to your browsing pleasure!

If you have suggestions for future articles, don't hesitate to email me at rowanlim@gmail.com...I may actually do it!

Cheers & thanks for your support!

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