Movie Review: Madagascar 2: Return to the Wild

Well after watching the stunner that was Quantum of Solace, we decided on impulse to kick back on Madagascar 2. It was GREAT FUN! The film was, again, better than I expected...Seems like today is a day for positive surprises, eh?

The Plot
Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Gloria the hippo & Melman the giraffe are excited to go home after their stint in Madagascar. Boarding the plane "built" by the penguins with King Julien & Maurice on-board. The plane crashes (surprise?) in the middle of an African forest reserve & the gang finds themselves in a whole new world.

Alex then learns that he was from this place & was taken away by hunters as a cub to NY. He is welcomed into the local lion pride by his father Zuba, the pride's alfa lion. He learns that there is much of his homeland & his family that he needs to learn; he & his father needs to learn to accept each other despite the conflicts that threaten to tear them apart.

Marty is thrilled to find a whole zebra herd that looks like him, talks like him & loves running! Yet his friendship with Alex is crucial as he can FEEL as himself with his best bud. Gloria catches the eye of overly muscular, low-voiced, sexed up & frankly silly male hippo Moto Moto (apparently you must say his name twice because it sounds that good). Melman finds his place as the witch doctor, healing the animals of various ailments & *spoiler* realizes that he must do more to confess his feelings for Gloria before the time is too late.

Various twists & turns in the film make it interesting, plus the jokes are funny &, well, made me roar with laughter. The penguins, of course, are hilarious; now we know the dark secret of the Cap'n! Nana from the first film is back & has a more substantial role this time; don't underestimate this grandma!

The Cast
Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Jada Pinkett Smith & David Schwimmer reprised their roles as the lovable NY Zoo gang. They convey the humor & the emotions very well. New voice talents includes Will.I.Am as Moto Moto (unbelievable, right?), & Ben's son was VERY adorable as the young Alakay. Of course, Sacha Baron Cohen was HILARIOUS as King Julien; I totally loved the monologue haha :D

The Music
Well the infamous "I Like to Move It" is evident from the very minute the film starts; infectious little bugger! Hans Zimmer made fantastic music for the film, perfectly echoing the fun, the laughter & the messages of love & friendship throughout a film; a perfect companion to a perfectly fun film.

I laughed my ass off in the cinema, this film is awesome to watch with buddies who appreciate a good laugh (& my guffaw haha); it has its sweet & extremely hilarious moments. I find it to be better than its predecessor, & Madagascar was pretty good...Hehehe...This has got a positive thumbs-up from Rowie!


jaray said...

yea... we were like laughing like mad... we even laughed when nobody did... hahaha... it was a blast!

Rowan said...

Totally! Cracked myself up hehe :D

espree said...

You didn't say anything bout Mort or the Penguins!
I love Mort!~Was he in the movie?What about the penguins?
They're so cute,adorable and hilarious.
How can you not love those creatures?*lol*

Rowan said...

Mort was in but for a short lunatic period. He creeps me out haha...Yeah the penguins are there but I didn't want to spoil what they did! Heheh

Rashai said...

Nice blog! like your movie review, I wasn't sure whether the new 007 is worth a watch but after reading your review I definitely will give it a go :-)

I'll dig out more of your blog then...


Rwi Hau said...

i like madagascar 2. a fun and enjoyable treat. you've gotta love alex. he's like the coolest lion in the world.