Movie Review: Quantum of Solace

I watched this film with a lot of anticipation, despite atthan telling me it didn't have enough action & smooching scenes (hehe). It was WAY better than I expected & brilliantly done :)

The Plot
The film picks up from the previous movie (Casino Royale) where James Bond has Mr. White in the boot of his Aston Martin with several other cars in pursuit as they drive past Italy's Lake Garda. Escaping these cars, Bond brings Mr. White to M where they proceed to interview him. However the interrogation was cut short & Mr. White escaped. Bond then begins to pursue leads to find out more about a secret organization that Mr. White was a part of, which he claims has people everywhere yet the British Secret Service has no clue about.

He then goes to Haiti where his paths crossed with Camille, a beautiful woman. They then work together to unravel the conspiracy woven by Dominic Greene, a rich businessman-environmentalist, & an exiled Bolivian general to unsurp the current government & control "precious resources".

As the plot reveals itself, you can see how Bond finally lets go of the pain & fury that tormented him & sees in Camille the woman he'd lost, & now, redeemed himself by helping her fight her demons. Fantastic action scenes meld perfectly with the plot; gritty & rough, you can envision being in the same room watching Bond kick ass.

The Cast
Whoever said that Daniel Craig is not good as Bond better eat their words. He may not be as smoothly handsome as Pierce Brosnan but he plays the character with just enough emotion & handles the stunts with great ease. He's not just a cool, womanizing agent: he's also a man with restless emotions & superb control. Olga Kurylenko doesn't only look good, she acts pretty well too. Her character isn't just a pretty shell; she has her demons & could falter as any human. Judi Dench is perfect as M, as always; her lines are sharp & M shows her trust & confidence in Bond despite the "trouble" he presented. Mathieu Almaric was evil, slimey & hateful as Dominic Greene. One feels weird & totally uncomfortable watching him work his cruelty & his cunning in the film.

The Music
Perfect. David Arnold wove music perfect for every scene, every second. He knows how to heighten the suspense &, yes, the emotions throughout the whole film. Rowie didn't really like the opening theme song; it seemed out of place with the fantastic silhouettes that's a classic in every Bond film. Of course, the Bond theme song is always a must & certainly rocked the house.

I freaking enjoyed it. It shows how love can make men do dark & dangerous things; you see the cold world of espionage. The film shows remarkable snapshots of life from all over the globe; certainly an interesting facet to the experience. While I agree with atthan that there was no love scene, Rowie could live with that because one, the film was fantastic, two, the real thing is better hehe.

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