Rowie's Music List

Hm I'll post this in General first hehe...Now that I've passed the OG to the new Council, it's time to take a step back & reflect an important aspect of my life: my own music development. I'm just gonna run through how it's been & what's gonna happen (if I'm not too lazy hehe)...
  • My perfect pitch has definitely improved; I pick up faster now but I still need to train it especially for the sharps & flats :p
  • My violin skills have improved, thank goodness; I don't sound so much like a wounded dying kitten anymore
  • I transpose better than before; training under Mr. Indra has forced that development haha
  • I realized that I really love music, I took my piano training for granted; I'm forever grateful to Mom & Dad for nurturing that love for music in me & their sacrifices to give me music education.
  • Get my piano at home tuned hehe...
  • Maybe save up to buy a new violin; for now, Mo Chroi is still good...
  • I'm definitely gonna try out new songs; currently I'm hoping to play Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight of the Bumblebee", I've got the basic flow down, just need to practice...hopefully I'll be able to play it by heart on New Year's Eve!
  • I'm gonna write out all the songs the OG has performed & compile it in a book. We could probably get it published with copyrights & stuff hehe
  • Future songs for the OG include Beauty & the Beast for winds (thanks to Ash for the mp3 hehe), Gustav Holst's Jupiter among others...
  • I'm gonna start revising some music theory; time to pick up where I left off about a decade ago *gasp!*
What a list. I certainly hope to accomplish what I've set out to do & come back with excellent results! Wish me luck!

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