Sigh...Sem 1 08/09

Well it seems that this is the shortest semester ever...So many things happening in such little time...

  • New subjects, the time table is insane, I've never felt so exhausted in a week.
  • Performances: convocation, Pesta Tanglung, Jamuan Hari Raya
  • OG classes: this was hard because there were so many cancellations.
  • Badminton: this is by far my worst contribution; I hardly gave it my time *sniff*
  • Passing down the OG legacy to the next generation: I'm proud of all of you!
  • An online relationship: it was great while we lasted & we're still good friends.
Currently my biggest worry is the final exams; to achieve a CGPA>3.67, I need to score:
  • A- for Unit Op 1, Chem Reaxn Eng 2, Chem Eng Lab 2, Bioprocess Eng, Science & Eng Materials.
  • A for English Dyn 3, Eng & Society, Electrical Tech.
Who knew Rowie was an obsessive freak, huh?

Truth is, I went into uni with a main goal: getting 1st class honors. The OG & everything else were not planned & while they gave me great joy & focus, I've never forgotten the only (at the time) goal that I wanted for myself. It would prove that I hadn't wasted my time at uni & that I know my stuff.

I seriously hope that I can push for the final leg of this sem, somehow that mood to study hasn't clicked in yet. Good luck to all my friends sitting for the exam & all the best! Cheers!


ash said...

Good luck to you too ^^
i bet everyone experiencing the same with u...myself for example...hahahha ;p
strive for first honour = taking a real challenge...
work it out lo :wink:

espree said...

Who knew Rowie was an obsessive freak?
Who knew??
~Good God can I answer this? Muahahaha.!

Rowan said...

Yeah who knew, huh? :D

Rwi Hau said...

i dunno y but there really are ppl who are so obsessed with getting good grades. im pretty sure im not one of them. sorry to say that but i normally slack off, lol, and go with the flow!! mayb its time for a change in my attitude toward my studies?

Rowan said...

Hahahah Rwi you're who you are...Just hang in there, a special blog entry on you & doughnuts is in the works! Hehe