Sorry Folks!

Hey all...Its seems like nearly a month since I've updated my blog with interesting stuff...I truly apologize:

I've been having debate training every day now, in preparation for the Royal Intervarsity Debate on the 28th Nov...While this has certainly opened my eyes to various issues (football included har har) & has spawned ideas for so many articles, I'm simply too exhausted to write 'em up.

Rowie is sorry...
This & the disappointing lack of drive (in me) to read up & present good articles has caused this (temporary, I assure you) stagnancy in my blogging activity.

Not to worry, I promise that once I've got a clear head & the time for it (I damn well should), I'll bring good articles to the floor. N'er fear! Cheers & until next time, take care!

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Anonymous said...

best of luck 4 english debate team!