Movie Review: Bolt

I went out with Ashwin today, it was really cool, we watched 3 films together, Bolt was the first & it was a fine choice :)

The Plot
Bolt & his "person", Penny, are stars of a Hollywood TV (?) series; onscreen they battle the evil Green-Eyed Man & Bolt displays his awesome super powers. However only Bolt doesn't know the truth, that he's just an ordinary dog without super powers. When unforeseen circumstances separates him from Penny, he has to deal with the truth that he has no powers & try to return to Penny. Along the way he befriends Mittens, a street smart cat & Rhino, a hamster who's Bolt's biggest fan. They travel together to find their way to Penny, teaching Bolt how to be a real dog & love, friendship & true courage.

The Cast
John Travolta was amazing as Bolt, the guy's a chameleon! I'm not a fan of Miley Cyrus, but she was good as Penny so the dislike doesn't surface so much :p Susie Essman is perfect as Mittens; the tough exterior with the sweet interior shines through, Mark Walton is hilarious as Rhino, with the funny voice mimics & the gushing for Bolt.

The Music
Composed by John Powell, the music was a wonderful accompaniment. I loved the song Barking at the Moon; it was clear & sweet, really rung home with the theme of the movie :) Great job on the music.

A unique storyline, good old themes, the right mix of humor & drama, this film is another good offering from Disney. The animation was good, the cast in tune with their characters...If you're into simple, light fun, then this is the film for you :)


Shark_Blade said...

Aww, no rating? :p How much would you give out of 5 stars?

Rowan said...

4 out of 5 hehe :D