Movie Review: The Day The Earth Stood Still

The final film during my outing yesterday, I must admit that I was not gonna enjoy this film. Aliens, Keanu Reeves, a remake of the 1951 film...We'll see what I thought at the end of it, eh?

The Plot
Dr. Helen Benson is a scientist who is recruited along with other scientists by the government to create a plan for the survival of the human race as a huge unknown object hurtles through space towards Earth. When the huge glowing orb crashes in Central Park, the team along with military support rush out to study the object. An alien robot walks out & Dr. Helen reaches out but gunshot is fired & the alien is injured. Another giant alien, Gort exits the orb ready to attack but is subdued by the 1st alien.

They rush the alien to the labs for examination; the exterior flesh drops away, leaving behind an alien in a human body. The Secretary of State, Regina Jackson interrogates the alien on its purpose. The alien, Klaatu states that humans have caused destruction on Earth & the aliens are going to wipe off humankind from Earth to allow Earth to live again.

Klaatu escapes with Dr. Helen & her stepson, Jacob, from the hands of the government; she tries to convince him that people can change for the better, & begs him for another chance. In the meantime, Gort is captured by the humans but it disintegrates into a swarm of alien insects that destroy everything in its path & multiplies when attacked. Klaatu decides to stop the destruction of humankind when he sees there is more to humans than just a destructive nature & they rush to stop the complete process before its too late.

The Cast
Keanu Reeves is stoic as Klaatu; to be honest, I doubt there's much emotion that can be relayed by the character. Jennifer Connelly plays the role of the good scientist very well; however the best actor in this film is Jaden Smith, who plays Jacob. The little guy is fantastic in showing emotions & I felt his talent is well-developed, even for a simple film like this. Kathy Bates is perfect as Regina Jackson; tough, no-nonsense & stern, she plays a woman who is torn between duty & logic.

The Music
The music was pretty good, composed by Tyler Bates; well-orchestrated pieces that flow very well with the film. No complaints here.

The remake had slight differences from the original, nothing huge IMO. The effects were pretty cool, the story was okay...overall I think the film is...meh. A good message is that its about time that we think about the consequences of human greed & the effect of it on nature. Not bad but I wouldn't want to watch it again :)


figolim said...

i just watch this movie last Saturday,nothing much to comment, a normal nice story!!i like 1 funny scene when that klaatu speak to a Chinese alien.

Rowan said...

Oh that was funny hahaha even a banana can appreciate that :p

aMMerZ said...

Nice movie but it's kinda boring. What about "Yes man" movie by Jim Carey??Sure gonna make yourself explode with laughter,hahaha

Rowan said...

Hahah I want to watch that movie soon hehehe :p

espree said...

I want I want!!! Me! me!
*jumping up & down*

ash said...

ya tis movie not much to coment...only okay wud be d suitable word haha

Rwi Hau said...

this is a helluva boring one. nothing new coming out of it hence there's nothing much to comment. flop would best describe it.