Movie Review: Space Chimps

Watched this today with the sisters, in lieu of steak *sob* They didn't like it but I thought it was okay. By the producers of Shrek, this was IMO better than Shrek 3 *hides from loyal Shrek fans* I didn't have high expectations of this film but I enjoyed it more than my sisters haha...

The Plot
Ham III is the grandson of Ham I, the first chimpanzee to space. He's a circus entertainer; fun-loving, daring & cheeky, he is recruited to join Lt. Luna & Commander Titan, 2 other chimpanzees to find other signs of life in outer space. They land on a weird planet controlled by Zartog & in their quest to escape, they helped to free the aliens from the grasp of the evil Zartog.

The Cast
I've NEVER heard of ANY of the voice actors from this film. Jeff Daniels, Stanley Tucci, Cheryl Hines, and Andy Samberg lend their voices for this film; what more could I say? They did the job pretty well, the characters were likeable, even the evil Zartog is adorable in his weird silly alien way. Ham III is hilarious & puts a skip in the heart. Luna is stern, sweet & practical. Kilowatt (short for some crazy long-winded name) is adorable & funky with his/her (no idea) luminous head & soprano voice.

The Music
Light & funny, the music blends very well with the movie. Written by Chris P. Bacon, there are fun light pieces & some sweet string music. I can't comment much because I was laughing most of the time, but it was good accompaniment ;)

Well the sisters thought it was a waste of RM7 per person, it spoiled Princess Sis' mood, but meh, I thought it was fine. If you're looking for something light & funny, then this is a good film. Just roughly 1.5 hrs, it packed enough humor for that period of time :)

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