Movie Review: Twilight

So...to be honest this isn't the best film I've watched this yr. I'm gonna try to be constructive with this review: Twilight fans, don't kill me. Adapted from the best selling book written by Stephenie Meyer, the film brought in nearly $140million in the 1st week. The target audience are generally female & young with a soft spot for vampires & romance.

The Plot
Bella Swan is a teenage girl who moves in with her father, Charlie, in the sleepy & perpetually rainy town of Forks. She adjusts to her new life there; being pretty, practical & honest, she attracts many of the people from her new school. Edward Cullen is mysterious, handsome & isolates himself from the general population. She's drawn to him when he shows a weird aversion to her presence.

As the story unfolds, she learns that Edward is a vampire; however he & his family feeds on animal blood. He can also read minds, but somehow is unable to read her mind, hence his fascination with her. She falls in love with his romantic persona & protective nature. Their relationship is threatened when she becomes the target of James, a bloodthirsty vampire with a violent streak.

Edward & his family quickly act to save Bella but James tricks Bella & she is captured. Luckily the Cullens came to the rescue, dispatching James & saving Bella from the poison of his bite. Bella recovers & she went to the high school dance with Edward. She asks him to change her but he refuses hence there's the ending of this movie.

The Cast
Robert Pattinson is every young girl's dream guy; brooding, sensual, he fires up the screen just by staring. Kirsten Stewart plays Bella pretty well; direct & hopelessly attracted to Edward. Cam Gigandet plays the vile & bloodthirsty James perfectly. The rest of the cast is pretty good, there isn't much character development so it's hard to expand on the talents of the actors. Lots of eye candy so one shouldn't be disappointed there.

The Music
Hm...not bad, they upped the chilling moments with high strings, but sometimes the music is ill-matched; for example, when the emotion is about discovery & wonder, the music relayed upcoming horror, which was unfounded. Yet it does have its redeeming moments; the music at the end was really nice & sweet :)


I haven't read the book but this film is seriously strictly for fans of the novel/James Pattinson. The lines used in the film may be fantastic for one viewer but plain lame for another. If you're a fan of the book, go for it, I heard it's faithful to the spirit of the book & should be a fun ride. However if you're more skeptical, stay away. I was laughing in the film for all the wrong reasons, so you can only imagine how the film is like. It's the perfect film for the target audience, probably not a good film for non-fans.


Albrecht said...

I thought it was a comedy when Siti started laughing...
When I notice it was suppose to be a love story... I fell asleep

just kidding, but... ppl... I did slept during the movie

Rowan said...

Yeah you did :)

Rwi Hau said...

another one on my 'shouldn't watch' list.