Movie Review: Wushu

Due to the lack of choices, we went to watch the movie Wushu yesterday :p

The Plot
A fairly simple story: the Jing Wu Men (Gold Medal Group, or something like that, I'm a banana, remember?) is a group of good friends who grew up together in a martial arts school. Set in modern day China (me thinks), the school is organizing a competition to select the representatives for district level. As they prepare for that competition, young love blooms & you can see the determination they take to reach their ambitions. A series of child kidnapping draws them in when 2 kids from the school went missing. Of course, there's a happy ending & all goes well for them.

The Cast
Sammo Hung plays the father & a trainer who has faith in his sons' capabilities to succeed. The other younger cast (Liu Feng Chao, Wang Wen Jie, Wang Fe, Zhang Jin, Mao Jun Jie) are genuine wushu athletes, they fleshed out their roles pretty well, I personally thought the male actors are good looking & they did pretty well, there was pretty good chemistry between the characters.

Aren't they hot?
The Music
The music was good, simple as the film is, nothing too heavy or too light. Composed by Allan Lau & Jerald Chan, the notes were clear, direct & doesn't clash with the emotions of each scene.

Not much to comment, really, the action scenes were truly amazing, there were gripping moments; no excessive violence, perfect execution of a low-budget film. The wushu scenes made up for the simple storyline. I truly enjoyed watching it, there were moments of humor & it does invoke feelings of friendship, pity, love etc. Wushu is an art & it's about perfecting your move; your competitor is yourself. Go for this film if you're up for cool moves & pretty good-looking men :D

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Rwi Hau said...

this movie is fairly ok. i've always been a fan of chinese martial arts.