Potato Carrot Onion Soup

This is one of my personal favorites; a simple healthy soup which never fails to make me happy :p Here's a simple how-to-make this soup :)

2 potatoes
2 sticks of carrot
1/2 onion
4 pips of garlic (see I love garlic)
3-4 pcs of chicken drumsticks (well you may use pork as well, the quantity is up to you)

1. Boil the meat in a pot of water. The main purpose is to remove the scum that'll float after the meat's been boiled. Remove the scum.
2. Chop the potatoes, carrot & onions into cubes & put into the remaining meat+soup mixture. Add in the garlic. Heat up.
3. When the soup's boiling, turn the flame down & allow it to simmer. Add in salt & pepper (the quantity to your liking, I usually add in 1 tablespoon of salt & a dash of pepper).
4. Once the potatoes & carrots are soft enough, turn off the flame & serve.

Simple eh? Nothing like a hot bowl of potato carrot onion soup (I can say that really fast haha) to warm the bones!


sue yin said...

my mum calls it ABC soup

I love it too. she cooked it the other day and it was tasty.

jaray said...

my house called it ABC too...

dunno for wat reason...
but i think it's bcoz
it is as easy as ABC "p

Rowan said...

I never thought of it as ABC, we call it potato-carrot-onion haha :D

ash said...

yes it's ABC soup...