The Royal Malaysian Intervarsity Debating Championship 2008

What an experience. My team (UMP S2) comprised Chi Chi, myself & Sunil. Here's a short summary of the best debating competition I've been to so far :)

Round 1: UMP S2 vs UNIMAS J1
THW require parental consent for underage abortion
Winner: UMP S2
Chair: Faye Sarah

Round 2: UMP S2 vs UNIMAS S1
THW maintain the ISA
Winner: UNIMAS J1
Chair: Hafiedz

Round 3: UMP S2 vs UKM S2
THW limit the amount of money a sports club can spend in a season
Winner: UMP S2
Chair: Faye Sarah

Round 4
: UiTM J1 vs UMP S2
THBT we need state-owned vernacular universities
Winner: UiTM J1
Chair: Riasat

Round 5: UMP S2 vs UTHM S1
THBT Japan should apologize for its past atrocities for the sake of East Asian reconcilation
Winner: UMP S2
Chair: Lufti

Round 6: UMS S1 vs UMP S2
THW suspend the 30% Bumiputra quota on housing development
Winner: UMP S2
Chair: Yem

Quarterfinals: UIAM S1 vs UMP S2
THW stop subsidizing biofuel
Winner: UMP S2
Chair: Dr. Chandran

Semifinals: UKM S1 vs UMP S2
THW televise the court proceedings of elected members of the Parliament
Winner: UKM S1
Chair: Zuliana

Interesting notes:
  • Round 6: We did a definitional challenged & won!
  • We lost by a very close margin; that's good news :)
  • We ranked 8th in the quarter finals.
  • We were a balanced team, just needed some polishing.
  • Food was awesome.
  • UIAM is a beautiful university, loved the hostel.
  • This competition had rankings for judges too, to ensure transparency & that good judges make it to the later stages.
  • I'd a pretty semifinal trophy...but it broke accidentally :(
A fantastic journey, made new friends & enemies *sigh* It was awesome, we do need to up our ante & tighten the game. Totally enjoyed myself & many thanks to the judges for their great advice, we couldn't have made it so far without their tips & guidance! Thanks to the 3 amigos for helping us to improve our styles etc. Thanks to our fellow friends who supported us! Cheers!


espree said...

I see u've done ur report!.cool!ey who judged u in the definitional challenge?hehe..even tho we lost in semis i'm still proud of you guys considering both Hafiedz & Zuliana was the split..Can't wait to see u guys go to australs & worlds soon!

Rowan said...

Yem judged us in the quarters...We thought we were doomed because of his expression when Chi Chi said "definitional challenge" haha...

jaray said...

omg... u guys are awesome!!! jo, charlene n sunil... u guys rocked!!!

Rowan said...

Yeah it was a surprise :p We definitely have to up our game, can't let this be the pinnacle!