Integrity & Exams

Well this has been an...annoyance that I've carried with me for a long time. Perhaps I've decided that people should know what I think about exams & copying. It may be petty/childish of me to post this but I'll feel better.

If you cheat in exams:
1. You are without shame
2. Obviously you didn't study
3. You don't deserve the marks you get

A few weeks ago I sat for the final exam of Engineering Graphics. I struggled to focus, to try to remember what I've revised but I was frustrated because people were whispering around, asking their buddies for the answer, their buddies were whispering the answer back & I turned into a very tense, pissed off exam candidate. It didn't soothe my soul to know the lecturer was giving hints to students.

Copying in tests is something I've come to tolerate, perhaps not accept. But this is the FINAL EXAM. At least have some decency to uphold the basic rule of exams: NO CHEATING. I guess it was very hard for the students & the lecturer to uphold that principle.

How disappointing. 
Where is the integrity of the university?

I've always thought of university as the realm where I'll be pitted with other students, challenging each other on wit & guile. Yes I know not everyone will be brilliant students but I did not expect such callousness.  Where is the integrity of the university if it can give degrees to students who cheat on the exams? Where is the value of its education that its sworn to give?

How disappointing.

Have you no shame for copying? Have you no shame knowing that your answers, your results aren't a true reflection of your abilities? Have you no curiosity to know, after hours & hours of studying, how you fare against yourself, if not against others?
Is it so hard to do self revision before the exam?

I've always believed that everyone should be judged by his/her abilities. Cheating isn't an abilities, my friends. It's a display of weakness, low integrity, less shame & perhaps stupidity.

I don't care if any of my viewers are insulted by this post, if anything, this should remind you that cheating is a dirty, lowly thing to do. If you feel shame, then good for you. If you feel anger, then damn you coz you're nothing but a copycat. Fix your attitude, work hard & go into the exam waiting to know how much you've gained from your classes & revision.

Change your mindset, study together if you must

There, I feel better. Hopefully in the upcoming final exams, & other tests, there will be less copying & I, as a student, will feel more peace in sitting for the exams. Good luck.


aMMerZ said...

i'll be the first human to comment on ur post, THAT"S PRETTY BIG HONOUR!!

I think not everybody has the same thought, they tend to copy because of "uncertainty/doubtly of their answers". I did once(hehe!!) but 4 final exam, no tolerance!!! ~hahaha~

"The best way to settle this problem is MAKE EVERY SUBJECT CAN OPEN BOOK, SURE NO COPYING ONE,but REFER to the book, NICE ONE!!haha..Fuck those ideas!!"

Rowan said...

I can lie & say I won't judge, but I will. This is one of my strongest principles & I don't care for it to be breached.

I just hope after reading that post, some people will understand why guilt should come when they copy :)

Goose said...

Yea i think its really important to be honest with your work, who are they cheating? When they get into the real world and problems land on there lap they wont have Jo to copy from, and what they didnt bother learning will cause them alot of grief and avoidable stress.

Let that be rowies revenge!

Anonymous said...

hi, i strongly agreed on what u said...but sadly to say, it's happened to my faculty also......

I felt myself so 'stupid' when I really struggled for the answer and 'they' just copied everything from a small paper....

People with that kind of 'habit' wouldn't change...tht's what I felt after I did ask them to change their attitude...

I felt so sad when one of my friends involved in it. I told her to stop it, and she said....when u come out with lousy result, then u would know y I'm doing so nw...I just wanna said...I don hope for big success next time...just wanna be who am I, and be honest in these kind of big issues...

Rowan said...

Anonymous, be proud of yourself. I understand how you feel. My friend took a rather difficult elective subject this sem which requires a lot of reading & memorizing. It was devastating when she studied so hard for the test while the rest just took out a piece of paper & copied. Kudos for upholding your principles. Your friend's excuse is bullshit, if you got a bad result, it's either you didn't study or you're not academically inclined to the subject(s). A poor grade should push her to work harder & WITH HONOR. Shame on her. Be proud of yourself :)

espree said...

Hi there Rowie,
It's been a while since you've scribbled something here. About what's happening in the FINALS,I understand your plight in the midst of these ‘cheats’.
And knowing that you're a person who upholds very strong ethics and how you are indeed a person of principle even in whatever you do, I definitely respect you for that. I admire you for having such moral high ground to put these ‘cheats’ in place as every other person I know probably has succumbed to cheating/copying at least once at any point of their lives. Therefore I don’t think any tom dick or harry can pull off an entry like you did here.
You did strike a chord, because I did feel a twinge of guilt as I went through this entry. It reminds me of all the times I’ve acted out of poor judgment and resorted to such lowly acts of cheating/copying in quizzes and tests (occasionally) .Although I’ve never cheated/copied in the FINALS or any major EXAMS, I’m still not proud of my actions because cheating is still cheating regardless of the situation.
So kudos Rowie, for writing this awesome entry. And good luck for your FINALS! All the best,and see ya in training.

Rowan said...

Hey lulu thanks for reading thru the article. If you feel a twinge of guilt, that's good. You know yourself, you are capable of doing better on your own lulu! *hug*

If more people feel the way you do, then this post is actually working :)