Movie Review: Paul Blart: Mall Cop

The 1st film I watched with Ash last Saturday was Paul Blart: Mall Cop. I wasn't eager to see the film (tis was her idea) coz I just read the Saturday morning papers & it didn't give a very positive review about the film. I was surprised that I enjoyed the film anyhow...

The Plot
Paul Blart is a mall cop, dedicated to serve the local mall. He had failed to enter the New Jersey police squad & is resigned to his current situation. His wife had left him & his daughter, Maya, & he wishes he will find a special someone to be with. His mother & Maya encouraged him to join an online matchmaking service but it yielded no results.

It ain't easy being a mall cop...
He meets Veck Sims, a new recruit & proceeds to teaching him the ropes of being a mall cop, producing funny scenes along the way. Paul is smitten with Amy, a new kiosk owner & manages to have a friendly relationship with her. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the mall is taken over by a group of athletic, wild & rough gangsters who plan to steal access codes of the credit card machines in the mall. Some hostages are taken, including Maya & Amy. Paul then engages in a series of hilarious & fun tactics to outdo the gangsters & save the day.

The Cast
Kevin James is lovable as Paul Blart, his emotions are so clearly defined in the film. I've never heard of Jayma Mays but her portrayal of Amy was good, Amy was very likeable & very sweet. Keir O'Donell was fantastic as the unassuming Veck Sims. Supporting cast? Good :)

Pretty Amy
The Music
Oh dear, I didn't pay attention to the music, honestly...Shame on me! All I can say is, the accompanying music didn't clash with the flow of the film...so that's good!

Hmm a pretty good film to watch if you're not fussy, I suppose...There were too much jokes about overweight people which I felt was over played. Still, not bad, I didn't regret it, fairly predictable but there will be loads of laughter along the way...

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