Poll Results...Analysis?

Here're the poll results & a brief analysis:

Animal Testing Should Be Banned

Yes, it's a cruel & inhuman thing to do   25%

No, it's important for medical advancement 75%

Uncertainty is my stand      0%

Analysis: More people supports animal testing as its important for medical advancement. True, many of the drugs we use today has had some form of animal testing. It's a matter of ethics, really: would you rather die from a disease which could be cured with a drug utilizing animal testing? Simple question but the answer will show how much you loathe/love animal testing.

Personally I support animal testing. There are new technologies in place to make it painless, many people are dying due to diseases that could be remedied with more effective drugs; I'll support it until there are alternatives, such as cell culture technology, that can fully replace animal testing. I like the idea of cell culture technology but it's costly, difficult to generate a total organism for use of testing & there's ANOTHER show of ethics, about whether we are playing God when we create an organism for the purpose of healing others. Hm check out Jodi Picoult's book My Sister's Keepers (a film based on the book starring Cameron Diaz is coming soon), interesting story related to creating a clone to supply organs for a dying girl.

The M'sian Gov Should Remove the Fuel Subsidy

Aye!    50%

Nay!    30%

Err…   20%

Analysis: Remove the subsidy already! Thanks to the subsidy, we are buying oil at a ridiculously low price, Malaysians are taking it for granted, the money used to subsidize oil could be channeled into green energy development, improving the public transportation system etc. Like we need more Mat Rempits on the road, cheap oil won't stop them from filling their tanks…

Your Opinion on Premarital Sex

I’ll wait until I’m married                                                 50%

I don’t mind having sex with someone I care about    40%

Promiscuity is my middle name                                      9%

Uncalculated                                                                       1%

Analysis: It’s all about personal choice, right? Traditionally we wait until marriage to share our virginity with someone special. Today, we’re living in an increasingly liberal world & virginity is considered to be a mere concept by many. I believe the important concept is responsible sex: be sure you’re ready to have intimacy with someone, if you’re not ready, then don’t.

So…Do You Believe in God?

Yes                              80%

No                               10%

Undecided                 8%

Uncalculated             2%

Analysis: Does God exist? Is He even a He? There are so many questions about this (certainly) bigger-than-life entity, so many questions about His existence, His power & His love. I believe that faith is something all humans share in common & there’s a need for us to believe & follow a set of principles as a guide through life. I don’t believe in God, I prefer the idea that we evolved from a cell that was created through random chaos. Yet I believe that spirits exists, I believe in karma & I believe that everyone has his/her part to play to make this world a better place. It all comes down to us accepting religion, keeping to it & fulfilling our destinies.

Feel free to comment & give your insight on the poll results. Hopefully this will spark interesting discussions.  


aMMerZ said...

~respond to premarital sex pool~
Show some more erotic pictures!!

Rowan said...

Which one did you vote for, huh? :p

espree said...

Hi Rowie,
I'm sure u KNOW what i voted for the premarital sex poll..
Btw,you provided a thourough & informative analysis for each poll.
I was wondering when you'd do that.
So Double Thumbs Up Rowie!

Rowan said...

Hahaha it's been a while..the fast connection at home encouraged me to update my blog :p

Rwi Hau said...

i voted for promiscuity. hahahaha.